MediaStream automates your metadata workflow


Harness your metadata

As a TV operator, the proliferation of new content offers (VoD, catch-up) and watching devices makes it increasingly harder to manage all content metadata in a unified, consistent way. MediaStream puts you back in control by providing a centralized metadata and programming system able to talk to any information provider and TV platform while ensuring a coherent, high-quality end-user experience across all watching windows.

Autonomous import / export / management activities.
Import/export jobs can be scheduled or react automatically to the availability of new information to be processed.
AWS-based deployment allows for seamless dimensioning according to growing needs.

MediaStream as
a replacement for
homegrown metadata
management tool

Case Study

The customer is a European tier-1 pay TV operator with an approximate user base of 1.3M subscribers (end of 2018). Their TV service has evolved from a relatively classical linear proposition to a complete entertainment offer comprising 200+ generalist and thematic channels and thousands of catch-up and VoD contents including catalogs from Netflix, HBO, AXN and more...



Integration with metadata sources and target platforms

  • check Metadata exchange formats supported: ADI, TVA, proprietary
  • check Provider/platform integration through FTP and proprietary APIs
  • check Integration of external VoD catalogs (e.g. Netflix, HBO)
  • check Support for EPG last-minute updates and retro EPG (catch-up)

Management, scheduling and control

  • check Import/export scheduling and/or on-request activation
  • check Smart matching algorithm + configurable automatic collision resolution rules for minimal operational overhead
  • check Automatic management of EPG data consistency (control of temporal gaps and overlaps)
  • check Fully customizable internal VoD management section with programming scheduling and license control
  • check Extended metainformation about content and linear/VoD events through customizable operator tags
  • check Configurable business rules for metadata and image export to each target platform
  • check Fully customizable internal VoD management section with programming scheduling and license control

Integration with other MediaSuite components

  • check Combined metadata+media publication in combination with MediaCode
  • check Integration with MediaTag for automatic content tagging and categorization
  • check Integration with MediaShot for automatic image addition to the content database

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