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Tag your assets

Content metadata is a treasure trove that can be used for much more than building your end-user UX. Imagine if some sort of oracle could take advantage of this information to return relevant content based on a list of keywords or tags. In short, this is the new power MediaTag endows you with.

MediaTag automatically analyzes metadata and other textual information (e.g. subtitle files or credits obtained from media files through OCR) to label each content entry with a cloud of related tags. Autotagging is a complex process involving natural language processing, summarization algorithms, matching with ontology concepts, and more.


Making the most
of your media catalog
using MediaTag

Case Study

The customer, one of the top-five global TV networks, has resorted to MediaTag in order to assist their Europe and Africa editorial teams in the process of categorizing an asset library of 50K+ entries and preparing thematic distribution lists for customers across the region. MediaTag was fed with internal metadata files, low-quality videos for extraction of credits...



Integration with metadata sources

  • check Supports ingestion of metadata from MediaStream or other external repositories in ADI format
  • check Can use additional textual information like subtitle files (VTT format) or credits extracted from provided mp4 files trough an internal OCR module


  • check Background automatic autotagging
  • check Supports external concept taxonomies/ontologies for enriched autotagging
  • check Web-based editorial tool for:
    • Content/tag semantic browsing
    • Theme creation and management
    • Topic creation, management, versioning and publication


  • check Works seamlessly with MediaStream for automatic tag enrichment
  • check Standalone mode: publication through export API or generation of Excel reports

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